Air Assisted Patient Lateral Transfer and Repositioning Air Mattresses and Devices
Air Assisted Patient Lateral Transfer and Repositioning Air Mattresses and Devices 



This is the Story of how the Airpod Air Mattress was created, designed, and then brought to Market.


The Airpod Air Mattress was based on a concept, an idea. That idea developed into a Patent.


Initially the whole idea of a Lateral Transfer Air Mattress came about because some friends (and potential Customers) wanted an alternative to products that were patent protected and in use in various healthcare facilities in the USA. There was one particular potential customer that was looking for a reliable manufacturer/supplier with a track record with good manufacturing practise (GMP) and with the expertise and knowledge of implementing excellent quality control systems.


Some of the Unique Features that are incorporated in the product were as a result of many hours of studying and working with Competitive products and watching and understanding how these products were used in various Healthcare Facilities. Various Care Providers and Operatives in various departments pointed out various things they liked about the products and also what they didn’t like. In the process, a wish-list was created and an “Ideal” Product was created.


The other features were developed and then implemented as the design concepts came to life in the construction of the product – as the products were developed, we found we could do things better, more efficiently and provide better and more superior enhancements.


The Airpod Air Mattress took almost 2 years to develop. At one time there were 14 full time members of the Design Team.


From the beginning, sewing as a mode of construction was discounted. The product range was designed to be used in Medical and Healthcare Facilities and sewing seemed so out of place in the 21st Century. And there were also practical reasons - many Healthcare Facilities considered a sewing constructed Air Mattress as high risk due to concerns relating to infection control – cross contamination and infection.


The Design Team considered using Heat Seal as an option for the construction of the Airpod, but soon found that although production costs would be significantly lower, the integrity of the construction of the product would be compromised. A Heat Sealed constructed product would require substantial re-work in the form of reinforcement to maintain the integrity and stability of the Product.


The Team finally decided on HF (High Frequency) Welding as the optimal method for Construction. Although the HF Welding Process was expensive and very demanding because it requires very precise engineering and construction, the process allowed all the various design options and wish-list to be implemented into the design features of the product. HF Welding allowed the features to be developed and formulated from the original idea (and patent) and incorporated them into the production process and subsequently into the final finished product.

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The Airpod Story - Part 1 Video


In the Airpod Story – Part 1 Video, the AIRPOD idea was practically developed and then brought to life through various permutations and modifications. The final AIRPOD that is now in the Airpod Air Mattress was as a result of very many different changes, modifications and through substantial trial and error.


Once the final design of the AIRPOD was established, the next task was to incorporate it into an Air Mattress. This was perhaps the most challenging part in the creation of the Airpod Air Mattress. The samples hardly ever worked as well as on the drawing board and in the design drawings. Eventually the Design Team worked out a way to monitor and compare different modifications and changes; the Design Team set about testing and monitoring results on 2 separate Airpod Air Mattresses simultaneously. To avoid confusion, the Air Mattresses were made in different colours. One of the Air Mattresses was the Control Sample and the other the Air Mattress was the new product with the modifications and/or improvements.


A video diary was kept that allowed the team to review and assess each step of the design process so that there was always a point of reference that could be accessed as and when required.

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The Airpod Story - Part 2 Video


In the Airpod Story – Part 2 Video, the design and testing process can be viewed at some length and machinations of the Design Team can be seen and understood as each process, modification is tested and then approved.


Last but not least, the Design Team bench-marked the newly designed product against each one of the main competitors; from the beginning it had been decided that each permutation, modification, change in the product would be compared and tested against competitors products and if the result was not at least as good as the Competitor’s products, the change, modification and/or permutation would be discarded.


By the time the final product had been developed, 19 “New” Airpod Air Mattresses had been developed and made.


From the conception to final finished product, over 50 “New” Airpod Air Mattresses had been developed and made.


Today the final product Airpod Air Mattress is the result of many 10’s of thousands of man-hours and countless modifications and changes. We hope you agree with us, that the Airpod is Technically, the Most Advanced Patient “Air” Lateral Transfer and Repositioning System in the World.











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