Devices, Products and Aids for Patient Lateral Transfers, Repositioning, Lifting & Handling
Devices, Products and Aids for Patient Lateral Transfers, Repositioning, Lifting & Handling 



Airpod - Reusable and Durable

Patient Lateral Transfer and Repositioning Air Mattress

Technically, The Most Advanced Patient “Air” Lateral Transfer & Repositioning System In The World


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Pressure Mapping Data and Information

Mannequin - 180 Kg - 396 Lbs

The ATM-Airpod Air Mattress is Surface Neutral

The term “Surface Neutral” refers to the degree of hindrance and/or interference to the therapeutic benefits of the pressure-relieving devices. Neutral in this instance suggests that there is very little hindrance and/or interference.

However please note: any item or article that is placed under the patient will hinder/interfere - to various degrees and level - with the therapeutic benefit of the devices and the ATM-Airpod Air Mattress is no different.

It is up to the Care Providers (and in line with Institutional Guidelines) to ascertain and determine (for example by conducting a thorough risk assessment) whether the degree of hindrance/interference is acceptable against the benefits of leaving the ATM-Airpod behind and under the patient.

The Pressure Mapping Test Data of a Mannequin (weighing 180 Kg or 396 Lbs) lying on a neutral, hard surface compares the degree of pressure exerted with and without the ATM-Airpod. The full test results of the Data are available - please contact us for a copy of the results.

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