Devices, Products and Aids for Patient Lateral Transfers, Repositioning, Lifting & Handling
Devices, Products and Aids for Patient Lateral Transfers, Repositioning, Lifting & Handling 


Specially Designed for Use with ALL Lateral Transfer and Repositioning Air Mattresses


150 x 75 Cm

59.0 x 29.5 Inches


75 x 60 Cm

29.5 x 27.3 Inches



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Specially Designed for Use with Lateral Transfer and Repositioning Air Mattresses


The MulitBoard Range of Transfer and Bridge Boards have been designed specifically for use with Air Assisted Lateral Transfer Air Mattresses.


They can be used in all areas within an Institution including Operating Theatres, Accident and Emergency, Intensive Care Units, Radiology and Imaging.


There are NO NON SLIP PADS attached to the underside of the Boards - this allows for Easy Application and Removal.


Easy Application, Insertion and Removal

The Boards are designed to be inserted easily and effortlessly under Patient Lateral Transfer Air Mattresses.


Removals after transfer are just as easy - grab the conveniently located and positioned Handles and pull through.


Strong, Robust and Durable

The MultiBoards are Strong, Robust and Durable. They have been designed to withstand rigourous use and application.

The Boards are Shatterproof, Non Absorbent and Inert.

They will withstand wide range of Temperatures.

They are Easy to Store without any special requirements.


Easy to Clean and Disinfect

They are easy to clean and disinfect - wipe clean and disinfect as recommended by Standard Institutional and Hospital protocols and guidelines.


In Summary, the MultiBoard Range of Transfer Boards are:

  1. Safe & Easy to use
  2. Anti Static
  3. Light in weight and easy to handle
  4. Compatible for use with X-Rays and MRI Imaging
  5. Strong, Robust, Durable
  6. Shatterproof
  7. Can withstand wide range of Temperatures
  8. Easy to Clean and Disinfect
  9. No Special Storage Requirements
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