Devices, Products and Aids for Patient Lateral Transfers, Repositioning, Lifting & Handling
Devices, Products and Aids for Patient Lateral Transfers, Repositioning, Lifting & Handling 



Airpod - Reusable and Durable

Patient Lateral Transfer and Repositioning Air Mattress

Technically, The Most Advanced Patient “Air” Lateral Transfer & Repositioning System In The World

Adaptive Airflow Technology

  • Self Regulating
  • Self Adjusting
  • Self Profiling
  • Dynamic Profiling
  • Self Sealing

Adaptive Air Flow Technology

Is a Collective Term for various features (detailed below) that we have used to describe how the ATM-Airpod adapts to different types of Patients.


Not all patients are of the same size (height, width) or of the same weight or indeed of the same weight distribution.
The ATM-Airpod adapts the Air Flow so that the Air flows to the parts of the Mattress where it is needed the most - for example where the patient is the heaviest.


Self Regulating Air Flow Technology
Is the Term that we have used to describe how the ATM-Airpod regulates the Air Flow within the Air Mattress.
Unlike other Air Mattresses, the ATM-Airpod stores the Air in the Pods until it is required and then expels it where it is required the most.


Self and Dynamic Profiling - Built-in Internal & External Patient Profiling
The Combination of the Adaptive and Self Regulating Air Flow Technologies provides for automatic patient profiling.
This form of Profiling is known as DYNAMIC PROFILING – this is a state when the profiling features are continuously adapting to circumstances being presented.
Essentially profiling is a form of risk assessment and most Carers risk assess a patient in their care almost intuitively. The Carer will assess the patient's weight, height, distribution and then work out the best way to conduct a manual handling task and/or manoeuvre.
However, in some instances, the Carer may not be able to do so (either effectively and/or quickly), and in such situations, an aid that helps quickly and effectively, is a very substantial advantage.


Self Sealing Airpods

The Airpods are self sealing. They close on their own on deflation. This is because of the pressure gradients created within the Main Chamber of the Air Mattress.
There are 34 individual Airpods in the Standard Size Airpod Air Mattress (the Bariatric Size contains 44 individual Airpods) within the Main Chamber and each Airpod creates its own Micro-Environment and each exerts and influences the pressure within the main chamber.
The result is, when the Air Blower Power is turned off, the Airpods will deflate and in the process create various internal pressure gradients that will force the air out from the Airpods.
This unique feature is easily identifiable when the ATM-Airpod is inflated and deflated. The “popping” noise is the Airpods closing and opening.
The Airpods work as “plugs or stoppers” and prevent any ingress of fluid (a very important feature for infection control).

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