Devices, Products and Aids for Patient Lateral Transfers, Repositioning, Lifting & Handling
Devices, Products and Aids for Patient Lateral Transfers, Repositioning, Lifting & Handling 
The Materials and Fabrics used in the construction of the Booster Sheets are Hard Wearing and Durable.
The Booster Sheet Range has been designed to be washed and reprocessed in Commercial Laundries.



The Range consists of 2 Sizes - the Standard and Standard Square.
The Standard is 200 x 120 cm (80 x 48 Inches)
The Standard Square is 150 x 150 cm (60 x 60 Inches)
The Standard Size can be placed either length ways along the length of the Bed (A) or alternatively can be placed across the width of the Bed (B) so that there is additional material available for additional grip and control. The choice of how the Booster Sheet is applied would depend on the Size of the Bed and the Patient.
The Booster Sheet Range is similar to a Low Friction Sliding Sheet and is designed to make  the Repositioning, Turning and Transfer of Patients/Users even easier.
This is particularly useful with the more Dependent Patient/User or with larger and heavier Patients/Users.




The Booster Sheet is placed in between the top Drawsheet and the Base Sheet (1).
The Booster Sheet has been designed with an Applicator Edge so that the Sheet can be placed and pulled across in between the Draw and Base Sheets (2) easily and without folding and/or rucking.
To prevent additional movement, the Drawsheet can be “Tucked-in” (3)
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