Devices, Products and Aids for Patient Lateral Transfers, Repositioning, Lifting & Handling
Devices, Products and Aids for Patient Lateral Transfers, Repositioning, Lifting & Handling 



Airpod - Reusable and Durable

Patient Lateral Transfer and Repositioning Air Mattress

Technically, The Most Advanced Patient “Air” Lateral Transfer & Repositioning System In The World


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Safety and Security Features


The Airpod Air Mattress has the best Safety and Security Features compared to any other similar type of product in the Market Today.

Patient and Care Provider Safety is of paramount importance. Unlike any other similar product on the Market, the Airpod provides Unique Patient Safety Features. These include:

1. Safety and Security Valve - and Automatic Size Selection

Choosing and using the correct size of any Aid is very important. The ATM-Airpod automatically makes sure that the correct size is utilised.

The Standard Size ATM-Airpod has been designed to be used for any patient that can be housed comfortably within the confines of a Standard Size Hospital Bed. If the Patient is wider than a Standard Size Hospital or the patient's girth is tight within the confines of the Standard Size Hospital Bed, the ATM-Airpod will not inflate and allow the transfer.
The size selection process with the ATM-Airpod is therefore very simplified and easy.

2. Non Slip Suckers - AIRPOD OR only

The Airpods in the Base of the Mattress act and function as Non Slip Suckers that will prevent the Airpod Air Mattress and the Patient lying on Top, from slipping and sliding.

This is particularly useful during Surgical Procedures where stability and immobility are of paramount importance.

No other Air Mattress is capable of providing this level of Security, Stability and Immobility.

3. Self and Dynamic Profiling

Essentially profiling is a form of risk assessment and most Carers risk assess a patient in their care almost intuitively.
However, in some instances, the Carer may not be able to do so (either effectively and/or quickly), and in such situations, an aid that helps quickly and effectively, is a very substantial advantage.

No other Air Mattress is capable of providing this Feature.

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